The power of many begins with you

Thank you for consenting to the ORIEN Total Cancer Care® (TCC) research study. Sharing your health information helps researchers find answers to the toughest questions in cancer.
Patients consented to TCC so far
Member cancer centers sharing data so far
Years of data collection and research

Patient participation in ORIEN TCC is central to this important research. 

Benefits of participating in TCC

  • You contribute to learning about patients just like you.
  • Your health information improves our ability to match TCC patients to targeted clinical trials at the right time.
  • You may feel good knowing your participation is helping future generations.
How Total Cancer Care Works

ORIEN = Oncology Research Information Exchange Network. This is a unique collaboration among a growing number of North America’s leading cancer centers.

ORIEN Member cancer centers use the same TCC research study to learn from patients' health information and develop new treatments.  

By participating in TCC, you are part of ORIEN’s vision to... 

  • Foster collaboration among patients, researchers, and doctors.
  • Speed research by sharing patient data.
  • Improve cancer treatments.


Patient information empowers cancer research
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Precision medicine is a cancer treatment tailored to the unique features of your cancer.

No two people with cancer are exactly alike. Neither are their cancer tumors.

In the past, doctors believed that cancers that began in the same place in the body, such as the lungs or the breasts, were basically the same. Today, we know that not all types of cancer are the same disease – even when they begin in the same place. We call these cancer subtypes. Some cancer subtypes grow and spread fast. Others grow slowly. Some are easy to treat, while others are not. Some react significantly to certain treatments but not at all to others.

The largest research study of its kind, harnessing the power of sharing information among Member cancer centers


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Albuquerque, NM
Atlanta, GA
Aurora, CO
Bethesda, MD
Buffalo, NY
Charlottesville, VA
Columbus, OH
Indianapolis, IN

Iowa City, IA
Lebanon, NH
Lexington, KY
Los Angeles, CA
New Brunswick, NJ
Oklahoma City, OK
Salt Lake City, UT
Tampa, FL
Washington, DC