About ORIEN®

By coming together as patients, families, doctors, and researchers, we can change the course of cancer treatment.

Who We Are

The Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN) is a growing alliance of leading cancer centers committed to speeding up research through collaboration and access to shared patient data. ORIEN® member cancer centers use Total Cancer Care® (TCC) to learn from patients' health information and develop new cancer treatments.


Our Mission and Vision

We are on a mission to accelerate cancer research and deliver hope through collaborative learning and partnerships.

Our vision is to become leaders in creating and delivering health informatics solutions through evidence-based approaches that allow doctors to predict patient needs.

Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN) Members

ORIEN® Origins

ORIEN® started with visionaries at the Moffitt Cancer Center and an idea that we need patients as partners to tackle cancer. At the heart of it all was Dr. William S. Dalton, who connected with his network within Moffitt to launch the TCC® research study in 2006. To establish a bioinformatics and operational backbone of TCC®, Dr. Dalton also founded M2GEN (now Aster Insights).

With the shared goal of enriching and growing the database, ORIEN was founded in 2014 by Moffitt, M2GEN, and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Today, ORIEN® is an alliance of cancer centers, powered by Aster Insights, working in close collaboration to accomplish more in the fight against cancer. As the largest and longest-standing collaboration of academic cancer centers, we are devoted to advancing cancer research through patient-consented clinical and genomic data.

“ORIEN® is an ideal way to conduct cancer research and help patients - an approach that promotes collaborative learning at all levels.”

– William S Dalton, PhD, MD

Founder and Executive Chair, Aster Insights

Aster Insights functions as the operations center for ORIEN® and the coordinating center for the ORIEN® TCC® research study.

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M2GEN (Now Aster Insights) founded
First TCC® patient enrolled


TCC® patient accruals reach 25k


Dr. William Dalton publishes paper in AACR Journal, describing the concept or a “Research Information Exchange” which later becomes the basis for ORIEN®


Five process patent Issued


ORIEN® founded through partnership between Moffitt and Ohio State University


ORIEN® expands to 11 members


Signed first 2 ORIEN® Avatar contracts with pharmaceutical clients
ORIEN® Avatar launches and ORIEN® expands


TCC® patient accruals exceed 185k


ORIEN® expands and adds communication partnerships


M2GEN donates $3M for inaugural ORIEN® NOVA grants


TCC® accruals exceed 325,000


19 ORIEN cancer center sites collaborating
TCC® accruals exceed 400,000