Aster Insights

Tackling cancer is personal. Our goal is to connect patients with cancer to a cure so they can lead better lives.

We Are Patient-Centric Data Solutionists

We are the leading provider of scientific and clinical intelligence for oncology discovery, connecting patients, clinicians, and researchers with the richest oncology discovery dataset available. Through collaboration, we can accelerate drug discovery, help researchers match patients to the right treatments and trials, and power the global pursuit of a cure.

We Are Building a Future Without Cancer

We are working towards a world where there is a cure for every person diagnosed with cancer.

Our mission is to accelerate the discovery and development of cures for cancer.​

Our vision is to revolutionize cancer research by providing exceptional data, insights and technology to solve the hardest problems in oncology.​

Cancer — It affects everyone.

For the team at Aster Insights, tackling cancer is personal, on a human level and a molecular level, and our goal is to help people survive and thrive.

But we can’t do it alone. Tackling cancer requires a community of partners working together—patients, cancer research centers, and drug developers—to take on this life altering, highly complex disease. Partners who are in it for as long as it takes, from lifetime-consented patients to long-term disease research studies and drug development programs.

Together, we can make an impact.

As the center of this unique community, we identify, generate, and harmonize the critical components needed to drive the development of new treatments—with real-world patient data being our primary tool—connecting and amplifying the strengths of each partner and delivering solutions personalized to each of our partners’ needs.

By working together we can accomplish so much more than each partner alone, accelerating all of us to our shared goal of a world without cancer.

The History of Aster Insights

Aster Insights (previously M2GEN) has cultivated a collaborative patient-centric, data-rich approach to the fight against cancer. Our origins date back to 2006 and world-class cancer research institute Moffitt Cancer Center, where a vision of patients as partners, and fearless ambition sparked our unique, innovative approach.

Aster Insights’ efforts are not only disrupting the way industry researchers look for new cancer therapies, but also developing what the future holds for their approach toward precision cancer medicines.

Aster Insights, Total Cancer Care®, ORIEN® and its leaders have been globally recognized for groundbreaking work in advancing precision medicine. Aster Insights is a rapidly growing company, and we continue to expand our data offerings and scale our capabilities to serve our partners and, ultimately, change the course of cancer.

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M2GEN (Now Aster Insights) founded
First TCC® patient enrolled


TCC® patient accruals reach 25k


Willia Dalton publishes paper in AACR Journal, describing the concept or a “Research Information Exchange” which later becomes the basis for ORIEN®


Five process patent issued


ORIEN® founded through partnership between Moffitt and Ohio State University


ORIEN® expands to 11 members


Signed first 2 OREIN Avatar contracts with pharmaceutical clients
ORIEN® Avatar launches and ORIEN® expands


TCC® patient accruals exceed 185k
Hearst Health Investment


M2GEN donates $3M for Inaugural ORIEN® NOVA grants


CD&R, Merck GHI, and McKesson Ventures Investment