Clinical Trials: Finding a Trial for Every Patient

We know that there is no such thing as routine cancer and no two patients or cancers are exactly alike. The Total Cancer Care® protocol enables researchers and clinicians to help patients find clinical trials that reflect the details of their diagnosis - while offering access to a broader set of clinical trials and new treatments through the partnership with other leading ORIEN® cancer centers nationally.

If you are interested in learning more about TCC® or enrolling, please visit one of our participating ORIEN member cancer centers.

More patients needed

Facilitates new discoveries

Enables new treatments

Improves care for all

Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a voluntary research study of new drugs, procedures and other treatments in people. Doctors use clinical trials to develop new treatments for serious diseases such as cancer.

Researchers rely on volunteers to join clinical trials – without volunteers, researchers can’t make new treatments. Clinical trials are the best way to learn what works in treating diseases like cancer.

ORIEN® Total Cancer Care®

TCC® brings together patients' health information into one searchable data system. This helps researchers and doctors find patients with similar conditions, which may guide clinical decision making and, as the database grows, may help find targeted treatment options.

This information is collected in a safe, efficient, and consistent process across all Member cancer centers to ensure quality data exchange while preserving patients' privacy and security.

No Extra Doctor Visits

Health information and samples for TCC® are collected during regular doctor visits.


Your participation is up to you, and leaving TCC® won’t impact your care.

Advancing Care

TCC® makes you an active participant, working together with researchers to find better treatments.

If you are interested in learning more about TCC® or enrolling, please visit one of our participating

ORIEN® member cancer centers