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Your health information, collected through the ORIEN® Total Cancer Care® (TCC®) research study, contributes to advancing cancer research. The articles below give you an overview of ORIEN®'s cancer research approach and offer important knowledge for pushing precision oncology forward.


Your health information is valuable. Here’s how it helps in research.

Your health information helps improve cancer treatment. The medicines that doctors use to treat cancer have changed a lot just…

Precision medicine is a cancer treatment tailored to the unique features of your cancer.

No two people with cancer are exactly alike. Neither are their cancer tumors. In the past, doctors believed that cancers…

Cancer is caused by a series of changes to a cell’s genes.

The cells in your body contain tens of thousands of genes. Genes carry the information that control your features, like…

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What is Total Cancer Care®?

Consenting to ORIEN® Total Cancer Care® (TCC) makes you an active participant, working together with researchers and doctors to find better treatments as quickly as possible.


Whether you are currently enrolled in ORIEN® TCC® or are considering joining, we realize you’ve got questions. Explore our FAQs to get information on how to join, what participation looks like, and how your information is used and protected.

About ORIEN®

Founded in 2014 by Moffitt Cancer Center and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN®) is a first-of-its-kind alliance among some of the top cancer centers in the United States.

About Aster Insights

Aster Insights is an informatics company that connects your data with researchers. It generates and matches the various data components needed to magnify the effects of your participation in TCC® and reach new horizons in cancer treatment.