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Your health information, collected through the ORIEN Total Cancer Care® (TCC) research study, contributes to advancing cancer research. ORIEN Total Cancer Care® (TCC) promotes collaboration among patients, researchers, and doctors. Sharing data and ideas speeds progress in finding better cancer treatments.

The articles below feature summaries from research publications based on TCC data for common disease types.


TCC is a research study, active at ORIEN Member cancer centers.

Collaborative Learning

Learn more about common cancer types and associated research below.

*The results of this research alone should not be used to make health decisions. It takes many studies for researchers to confirm findings and use them in patient care.

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    Clinical Trials

    How does ORIEN Total Cancer Care help speed up the development of new cancer treatments?

    Quickly finding patients for clinical trials is a challenge: Only 8 out of 100 patients with cancer join a clinical trial…

    Blood Cancer

    How mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) tumors build resistance to the cancer treatment ibrutinib

    Summary This research looked at mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), a rare type of blood cancer. Researchers wanted to learn how…

    Breast Cancer

    Research finds a new way to use genomic data to link invasive breast cancer with survival and outcomes

    Research tested a statistical method, the 12-chemokine gene expression score, to identify survival and outcomes of patients with invasive breast cancer.

    Colorectal Cancer

    Research finds colorectal cancers of young adults have changes in the genes FBXW7 and POLE

    Summary This research compared specific genes in colorectal tumors of younger adults to older adults. Younger adults were age 45…

    Lung Cancer

    Research finds links between mutations in the genes KRAS, STK11, and TP53 and differences in lung cancers

    Summary This research looked at mutations (changes) in specific genes and how they relate to each other in a tumor.…

    Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer

    Research on a new way to match the right radiotherapy dose with the right patient

    Summary This research created and tested a new method, called genomic-adjusted radiation dose (GARD), to predict how much radiation a…

    Blood Cancer

    Research on second cancers in patients with multiple myeloma (MM) who were or were not treated with lenalidomide

    Summary This research compared data from patients with multiple myeloma (MM) who were and were not treated with lenalidomide. MM…

    Colorectal Cancer

    Research tests a new way to use data that better predicts the spread and outcomes of colorectal cancer

    Summary This research built on earlier work to test a new statistical method, called ΔPC1.EMT, to predict patient survival and…

    Clinical Trials

    Shared research databases help match more patients to cancer clinical trials

    Summary This article describes a new approach to quickly match the right patient to a cancer clinical trial looking for…

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