The power of participation

Consenting to ORIEN Total Cancer Care® (TCC) makes you an active participant, working together with researchers and doctors to find better treatments as quickly as possible.

We learn from each patient's journey

You are at the center of ORIEN TCC to advance cancer treatments


During your regular doctor visits and procedures, your health information is collected.  This may include data from your healthcare records, medical test results, tissue, blood and/or urine samples, as well as feedback about your cancer experience.


TCC connects your health information with data from all the other patients participating in TCC. Researchers and doctors study the large database and uncover trends to gain new insights about cancer.  They share findings with other researchers to find better answers now and direct future research.  


Participating in TCC contributes to future cancer care. As TCC grows, the goal is to learn from patients with similar cancers to help researchers and doctors identify better treatments to match individual patient need. 


TCC promotes collaboration among patients, researchers, and doctors.  Sharing data and ideas speeds progress in finding better treatments.  Your participation helps build the large database researchers use to build on each others' work.  
An illustration that represents the 3 main steps in the process that ORIEN Total Cancer Care uses, which are collect, connect, and care. These 3 steps are connected with arrows in a cycle. Step 1: We collect patient specimens and data. Step 2: We connect researchers with ORIEN data. Step 3: We provide care with targeted therapies. The arrows represent collaboration.

Important Facts for Patients Enrolled in TCC     

No extra doctor visits or procedures

During your regular visits and procedures with your doctors, the health information and any samples needed for TCC are collected.  

Voluntary every step of the way

You can stop your participation whenever you want. Leaving TCC will not hurt your care in any way.

Your data security and privacy are a top priority

Your personal identifying information is removed before your health information is shared. This protects your privacy while still helping researchers learn from your health information.

For patients not enrolled in TCC

If you are interested in learning more, please visit one of our participating Member cancer centers

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How ORIEN Total Cancer Care Works

The power of TCC comes from how it brings together patients' health information into one searchable data system. This helps researchers and doctors find patients with similar conditions, which may guide clinical decision making and, as the database grows, may help find targeted treatment options.

This information is collected in a safe, efficient, and consistent process across all Member cancer centers to ensure quality data exchange while preserving patients' privacy and security.

Brings together patients' clinical data
In a manner that preserves each patient's privacy, clinical data is added to the database (such as the patient's age, weight, ethnicity, medicines, and other medical conditions).   
Brings together patients' molecular data

In a manner that preserves each patient's privacy, molecular data is added to the database - this is information from complex tests on patients' tissue, blood and urine.  This helps researchers find DNA changes (called gene mutations) associated with cancer.

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ORIEN Total Cancer Care is designed to speed up the development of new cancer treatments

Advances in cancer care mean researchers need to find patients with very specific traits for clinical trials.  Find out how TCC can shorten the time needed to find these patients.   


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